Frequently Asked Questions

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In this section, you will find the most frequently asked questions about the UPtoPARIS programme. If your question is not mentioned in this list, please contact the UPtoPARIS management team at the following email address :

About the application

Q : How can I do my UPto PARIS application ?

A : Applications to the UPtoPARIS PhD programme are made online on In order to proceed to the application, you must first create an account by going to the "My Account" section on the Home page. More information about the application procedure is available in the guide for applicants, available here :

Q : Where should I upload my letter of motivation for the PhD project ?

A : The motivation part of the application must be done on the online form, when you apply to the PhD projects, therefore it is not necessary to upload a motivation letter in the "Uploaded documents" section (and it is not required). Your motivation to the projects is based on the answers you give to the questions asked in the "PhD projects" section of the application.
If you need further information about the application process, please refer to the Guide for applicants available on the UPtoPARIS website.

Q : Do applicants typically contact the principal investigator of the project they are interested in ? I would like to express my interest personally and determine what I can do to focus my current research to prepare myself for their project.

A : You can contact the PhD supervisor in order to know more about the project if you wish, the contact is available in the "Research unit" section of each PhD project presentation. However, keep in mind that your application must be submitted online on the UPtoPARIS website, and not via email to the supervisor of the project.

About the eligibility conditions

Q : Could you please give further details about the criteria stating that "applicants must be in the first 4 years of their research career" ?

A : In order to be eligible to the programme, you need to be in the first four years of your research career. This includes all your research experience after your Masters, but the only rule is to have no more than 4 years of experience.

About the required documents to submit

Q : I have started my application, but I do not have any English certifications, nevertheless, I do speak English. Is it mandatory to have an English speaking certification ? Concerning the other certifications, is it possible to upload them digitally ?

A : It is not mandatory to have English certificate in order to apply, this is an optional document that you can upload in the "Optional documents", as well as your other certifications.

About the programme

Q : How much is the fellowship amount for a selected PhD student ?

A : The monthly net salary of an UPtoPARIS PhD student is 1800 euros, as explained in the description of the PhD programme :

About technical problems

Q : None of my referees have received an email notification or request to submit a recommendation on my behalf, what should I do ?

A : The problem might come from the fact that you have forgotten to select the small square that triggers the sending of the request to your referees.
Then, your referees should receive the notification, but do not hesitate to tell them to check in the spams section, sometimes the notifications might arrive there.

Q : I have some problems with the registration : the system wants me to fill the gaps "Bachelor’s/Undergraduate degree" because it’s an obligatory field. But I’ll get an integrated Bachelors and Masters diploma that will allow me to take PhD degree.
What should I write there ?

A : Regarding your situation, you must then write the same title of award in both sections "Bachelor’s degree" and "Master’s degree".

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