Evaluation of applications

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  • Eligibility check

Eligibly conditions will be checked according to the criteria explained in the "How to apply ?" section, under Eligibility conditions.

  • First round of evaluation

The selection process is based on an international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral (3i) peer review process. The proposals are submitted to the 3i evaluation Committee for examination. The experts of the 3i evaluation committee review and rank the proposals according to the evaluation criteria for the programme. For each PhD project, applicants will be ranked and either shortlisted, put on a reserve list or not selected. Out of the PhD subjects published on the website, only the best candidates matching with the corresponding PhD subjects will be selected.
The 3i evaluation Committee will select up to 3 PhD candidates for each project. The evaluation of candidates will be made based on evaluation criteria, using a scoring table:

The candidates will receive a personal feedback on the UPto.PARIS platform. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to the second round of selection.

  • Second round of evaluation - Interview session by the Selection Committee

The interview will take place at ESPCI in Paris or through video conference depending on the applicant’s situation. A financial participation for travel to Paris, lodging and subsistence will be provided. The shortlisted candidates will have the opportunity to visit ESPCI, its labs and its technological platforms, to meet the PhD Project supervisors and discover the scientific and cultural environment.

International shortlisted candidates will receive an official invitation letter that will allow them to ask for a Visa.
Interviews for the 3rd Call for applications will be held in late June 2019.
For further information, please follow the updates on our website.

For further information, the applicant may refer to the Guide for applicants available in the "How to apply ?" section.

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